Tulku Damcho Rinpoche - Mahamudra talk

Sat August 31st: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Price: $40.00 Price

We are most fortunate to have Tulku Damcho Rinpoche, one of the foremost students of Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche, present vajrayana teachings in Boulder during his 2013 tour.

In the morning Tulku Damcho will give a talk on Mahamudra, which is open to all tantrikas (vajrayana students). Please see details below.

In the afternoon he will give teachings to sadhakas during the Vajrayogini Feast, restricted to those who have received the Vajrayogini Abhisheka. [Click here for details on the Vajrayogini talk, or to register.]                                                                                                                   Photo by Thomas Kunz

Mahamudra Talk  9am-noon [Open to all tantrikas]

We are requesting Tulku Damcho to teach from the Ninth Karmapa's Ocean of the Definitive Meaning, an extensive volume of instructions for the practice of mahāmudrā.

Teaching Gift is in addition to cost of the program.

Tulku Damcho Rinpoche biography

Tulku Damcho Rinpoche was born in Nupri, a remote area of northern Nepal. From an early age he wished to receive monastic vows at Thrangu Tashi Choling, which was just being established in Bodhnath, Nepal. Although he was refused admission, he would not leave until Thrangu Rinpoche decided to take him. While at the monastery, Thrangu Rinpoche found that he had special characteristics as a dharma practitioner, scholar, and teacher. He has completed the traditional three year retreat and an additional year of Kalachakra retreat in 2007. Tulku Damcho speaks English well. (Biographical sketch provided by Gloria Jones with information from Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, May 2011.)

During Tulku Damcho's 2013 Tour he will teach in eight of Thrangu Rinpoche's centers in the U.S. from August 4-September 8, then continue the tour to teach in thirteen European centers through October 31. He will be accompanied by Lama Sonam Tsering. We are most grateful that Tulku Damcho could include these Boulder teaching events in his full 2013 tour schedule.


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